Huffy Timberline Women's 3-speed Bike - Yellow

Majestic trees and a ghetto wall

Timberline. It's such a romantic name. It evokes images of the early-morning mist rising through the mighty redwoods of the Pacific Northwest, as birds chirp, squirrels leap from branch to branch, and coffee warms in a simple pot over a crackling campfire.

The sun rising over the trees. Evergreens as far as the eye can see. Flora and fauna living in harmony.

What any of that has to do with a pale yellow Huffy 3-speed bike from the 1970s, I don't know. But apparently it means something, and that's why we have this Huffy Timberline women's 3-speed bike.

The Timberline theme starts with brown grips, seat and brake cables, which I suppose look like wood. The yellow paint isn't too far away from the color of a two-by-four, which of course makes the whole timberline concept depressing, because by that point the timberline is nothing but stumps and the trees have long since gone through the sawmill. So maybe the yellow is...well, I have no idea.

The sun-rising-over-pine-trees chainguard graphic completes the Timberline treatment. I suppose the only thing to do now is take this bike and ride it through the woods.

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But I jest. It's a good looking bike.

Basic Huffy 3-speed front end configuration

Shimano 3-speed shifter and Hunt Wilde wood-brown grips

Another Hunt Wilde wood-brown grip in front of some wood

Cheap steel stem inserted into cheap steel fork held by cheap steel headset

Retro Huffy head tube decal, front brake and fender

Close shot of Huffy head tube decal

Rusty fork crown and fork blade stripe graphics

Wood brown padded vinyl saddle

Integral reflector bracket

Obviously this cable routing is stock

Huffy 3 Timberline and stripe decals

Rubber block pedals with rusty spindles

Need a fork dropout? Just squash the fork blade

Let's call this a sand-dollar sprocket

Aaron Draplin would make a t-shirt out of this

Shimano S3 hub with plastic cable protector

Chainguard detail

"Fender may have minor rust spots"

Bottom bracket detail

Shimano S3 3-speed hub, left view