Rollfast Skoot Girl's Banana Seat Bike - Fuchsia

Mean in pink

Just like its Ross Polobike counterpart, the Rollfast Skoot girl's banana seat bike doesn't look particularly girlish. But unlike the Ross, the Skoot looks like it means business. Mean business.

Fuchsia is an angry color. The tall handlebars and seat add an aggressive stance. The torn seat, mismatched tires, rusty fenders and welded top-tube/seat-tube junction give the bike life experience. And the King Cobra decals make it look more like a Hot Wheels car than a girl's bike.

This is a bike that would be fun to own and fun to ride. But not fun enough for me to take five minutes to fix the back tire and oil the chain, apparently.

Scroll down for more photos.

Three quarter view featuring flat back tire

Tall bars complete with rust

Sparkly grips, poked through the end

Stem with custom graphic treatment

Rollfast head tube decal and fork crown

Seat tube decal and wishbone seat stays

Scratched fork, rusty graphically-customized fender

Rear fender with aggressive spoiler lip and race-car decals

Cheesy wire reflector bracket, rusty

This pedal doesn't match the other one

This banana's starting to peel

Chainguard and sprocket detail

Coaster brake

Another view of the aggressive rear fender

Broken, re-welded, and not re-painted