Haro BMX Bike - Black

haro bmx bike - black - side view
This photo is of-fence-ive to my artistic sensibilities

So Junior gets himself a black Haro BMX bike. He adds an Animal GLH tire in the front, an Odyssey tire in the back, Eastern cranks, a Fit 36t sprocket, Primo grips, an Odyssey brake lever, and for some reason a red anodized Animal stem.

He rides his Haro until the paint is scratched to death and the grips need a layer of duct tape to stay alive. Finally he leaves the Haro outside in the rain to die, where Mother Nature makes sure that all of the bolts and every last square inch of exposed metal get covered with surface rust.

Then his mom throws the black Haro in the trash, and now you're looking at blurry photos of it propped up against my fence.

Thanks, mom!

(Make sure to check compatibility before ordering parts for your bike.)
haro bmx bike - black - front angle view
It's a pretty beefy looking bike
haro bmx bike - black - cranks
Eastern cranks, Fit sprocket
haro bmx bike - black - front wheel
Front wheel
haro bmx bike - black - stem
Red Animal stem
haro bmx bike - black - brake lever
If you can't duck it, fuck it