1972 Schwinn Collegiate 5-Speed Bike - Campus Green

This is the back of the college, where they store the wood

Purchased in 1972 by a suburbanite in his thirties, this 1972 Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed bike spent most of its life in the garage, instead of serving its duty delivering college students to class or city dwellers to the office.

On the bright side, this Collegiate is in excellent condition. The campus green paint glows. The chrome has just the lightest peppering of surface rust. The chain is grimy, the derailleur needs adjustment, and the grease in the bearings is pretty much petrified, but still the bike rides great.

Unlike a road bike or mountain bike, the Schwinn Collegiate is designed for stable, upright crusing in comfort. It serves that purpose well, and could probably continue to do so for another 40 years.

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Bike racks can be made from anything

Classic Schwinn city bike front end

These Schwinn grips are surprisingly cushy

Schwinn grip, Weinmann alloy brake lever

Springer seat

Shwinn headset-cap-mounted 5-speed shifter

Schwinn head badge and "H" date code (1972)

Front fender and Schwinn Approved front alloy brake

Schwinn Quality Chicago seat tube decal

Schwinn block pedals, made in Germany

Down tube graphics

Fork blade pinstriping and chrome fork cap

Rear Schwinn Approved alloy brake

Chainguard detail

Four-leaf clover steel sprocket

Schwinn Collegiate chainguard graphics

Schwinn Approved GT100 rear derailleur

Classic chrome pie plate

Bottom bracket and left crank arm

Rear fender and reflector

Schwinn Approved (Normandy?) rear alloy hub