1979 Schwinn Suburban 10-speed Bike - Campus Green

1979 schwinn suburban 10-speed bike - campus green
A few more inches and my yard will be a hayfield

The photos of this 1979 Schwinn Suburban 10-speed bike - a beautiful campus green cruiser that I'd probably ride myself, if I ever actually rode bikes - provide a perfect example of what happens when I procrastinate.

Because what's all that stuff around the bike? It's my front lawn. And my tree. And my street. If you look carefully, you can even see a little piece of my neighbor's house.

Why would you want to see these things? You wouldn't. Why do I want to show you these things? I don't.

What you can't see in the photos is the man standing in my driveway, impatiently waiting. He hates it when I shoot photos. He doesn't understand why I'm shooting the photos. He wants to load the Schwinn into his van and get back to the city.

I should have done this days, weeks, even months earlier. But I put it off until the last minute, and ended up being rushed through my "artistic process" by an irritated urbanite. So instead of two dozen detailed photos of the bike against a crumbling concrete wall in the ghetto, I got four boring shots in my yard, with grass, and trees, and my street, and my neighbor's house. Five, if you count the fake close-up of the handlebars I got by cropping one of the other shots.

In my haste, I also managed to focus on the grass instead of the head tube. So the serial number is blurry. I'm 95% sure the date code is "Q", for 1979, so I'll go with that.

Therefore, here are five crappy photos of a campus green 1979 Schwinn Suburban 10-speed men's bike. Scroll down to enjoy the rest of them.

1979 schwinn suburban 10-speed bike - campus green
Little kids creep through those woods
1979 schwinn suburban 10-speed bike - campus green
This is a good looking bike
1979 schwinn suburban 10-speed bike - campus green
Fake close-up of handlebars and "lantern"
1979 schwinn suburban 10-speed bike - campus green
If the grass had a serial number, you could read it