1972 Schwinn Suburban Women's 5-speed - Magenta

Don't leave me haaaanging on the telll-e-phone (pole)

The 1972 Schwinn Suburban women's 5-speed bike is a heavy steel girl who trades light weight for stability and speed for comfort. Her sexy magenta nail polish complements her smooth lines and shiny chrome-plated accents.

She's poised and alert, geared and ready, waiting to carry a lovely young lady around the city or college campus with ease and grace. And she wears a sensible ensemble of full-length fenders and matching chainguard, because nobody wants to get mud on their back or oil on their sock.

Style, sophistication and fuction in 40 pounds of brightly painted steel: that's the 1972 Schwinn Suburban 5-speed.

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A slightly tilted wheel is quite flirtatious

Wide chrome handlebars for easy steering

Cushy Schwinn grips and Dia-Compe alloy brake levers

Five speeds are all you need

This is where you put your left hand

Classic vertical Schwinn head tube badge

Schwinn Approved type LS2.4 alloy caliper brakes

Fork crown, fender pinstriping and cable guides

Schwinn Approved vinyl saddle

With springs for comfort

Classically curved Schwinn block pedals

Chainguard to keep your socks clean

Faded Schwinn Suburban top tube graphics

Schwinn four-leaf clover steel sprocket

Schwinn Approved GT100 rear derailleur