1954 Schwinn Corvette Men's Cruiser Bike

1954 schwinn corvette men's bike - red
P.R. Nelson, eat your heart out

This red 1954 Schwinn Corvette doesn't set the record for "bike I've owned for the least amount of time", but it comes close. About six hours from beginning to end. I never even brought it home. All I did, really, was wheel it across a field and wait.

While I was waiting, I shot a few photos. One means one, a couple means two, and a few means three. Which is a shame, because a 1954 Schwinn Corvette has a lot of details that you might want to see up close.

Like the red Schwinn grips. The classic steel Schwinn frame with arched seat stays that run all the way from the dropouts to the curved down tube. The worn, dirty whitewall tires. The age-faded chainguard with its Corvette graphics. A front luggage rack. A red and white sprung saddle with an "S" on top. Curved block pedals. The headlight. The serial number. And best of all, the little shifter cable routing pulley on the seat tube.

But I didn't photograph any of those things. I don't remember why. After all, I only owned this bike for six hours, and that was two years ago.

So you'll have to take what you can get: three photos. Scroll down to see the other two.

1954 schwinn corvette men's bike - red
Baby you're much too fast (for a 3-speed)
1954 schwinn corvette men's bike - red
You need a love that's gonna last (more than six hours)