1972 Schwinn Hollywood Women's Cruiser Bike - Blue

Old bike in front of an old wall

Schwinn spared no steel, and no weight, when they constructed this 1962 Schwinn Hollywood women's cruiser bike. You may call it a fun vintage cruiser, I call it a blue tank.

With a steel frame and fork, steel wheels, steel one-piece crank, steel coaster-brake hub, and steel etc. etc. etc., the Schwinn Hollywood is a rock-solid ride. It looks good with its blue paint, white rims, and matching Mesinger Schwinn "S"-logo springer saddle.

This bike suffered from irresponsible storage, and it has some ugly rust on the rims, pedals and rear fender struts. The handlebars look like they're bent, and I have no idea what the stem bolt is supposed to be.

But with about an hour worth of work and some new tires, this sturdy 1962 Schwinn Hollywood will be ready to cruise again.

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Sporty three-quarter view

Chrome handlebars, Schwinn head tube badge

Schwinn Approved grip

This stem doesn't look original and the bolt is bizarre

Another Schwinn Approved grip

Blue and white Mesinger Schwinn S-logo seat

Rear seat view

Schwinn head tube badge and shiny chrome headset

Dented front fender, rusty front rim

Classic front lines and Schwinn top tube graphics

Fork blade detail and fender pinstriping

Seat clamp and tipped stays, Schwinn Quality Chicago decal

Rear fender and driveline

Rusty block pedal

Seat stays and fender mount

Schwinn Westwind tires

Chainguard detail

Steel four-leaf clover sprocket

Schwinn Hollywood chainguard graphics

Right rear dropout, cog and and some ugly rust

Bottom bracket, crank and some more rust

1962 serial number, Schwinn Approved Mark IV coaster brake

Coaster brake with oil fitting, and more rust