Huffy Rollercoaster 20-inch Kids' Bike - Red

Ride me, ride me, ride me, I'm a fun rollercoaster!

I am way too big for this Huffy Rollercoaster kids' bike, and it's a rickety rattletrap anyway. I'd probably die if I tried to pedal it to the end of my driveway. But every time I look at the rollercoaster logo and coaster cart graphic on the chainguard, I want to hop on it and barrel down a ski hill.

The fire engine red paint, compelling graphic treatment and ape-hanger handlebar positioning really serve to disguise what is otherwise a fairly unassuming bike. Two 20" wheels, handlebars, little fenders, a nondescript white seat, and that's about it. But the sight of yellow rollercoaster cars jumping off of a red chainguard stirs an emotional reaction, even in an adult.

I wish this bike had 26" wheels and an adult-size frame, with the exact same colors and graphics. I'd tune it up and ride it everywhere. Or at least to the bottom of the cul-de-sac and back.

Scroll down for more photos.

Aggressive stance from a crappy little bike

Handlebar positioning is everything

Hunt Wilde grips

I wonder what that screw is for?

Crappy pressed steel seat

1970s Huffy head tube decal and triple plate fork crown

Red fenders and fork, yellow pinstriping

Dunlop tires

Little dinky flat one-piece crank

There's that chainguard and that graphic

Ride the carts...

...on the Rollercoaster!