Magna Power Climber Mountain Bike - Black

Ninja bike

It's black. Almost all of its parts are black. Its rims are black. It looks like it could eat even the most aggressive trails for lunch.

But it can't. Because it's a Magna Power Climber 24-inch mountain bike. Which word gave it away? "Magna", of course. Magna is a department-store bicycle brand known for making, well, department-store bicycles. Just like this one.

The Power Climber looks great. But it was made in China, with a mild-steel frame, cheap stamped-steel parts, one-piece cranks with an American bottom bracket, and steel rims. It has Shimano SIS shifting, but only ten gears. Unfortunately, the only thing this bike will probably ever "power climb" is the mellow hill coming up from the bottom of a suburban cul-de-sac.

As far as Magna mountain bikes go, though, this one has survived pretty well. The front brake is bent, the sidewall paint is missing from the rims, and there's some surface rust from neglect. Otherwise it's ready to do some more power climbing. Preferably on a flat paved street.

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From this angle it reminds me of a Rockhopper I once owned

Guess I forgot to focus, sorry

Be proud of your ten speeds

I like the thumb shifters, but not much else

Made in China

Bent stamped-steel front brake

Bulging foam and brittle vinyl

The graphics are pretty convincing

10-speed fork blades

Steel is real (real bad, for MTB cranks)

Protect your derailleur, the cul-de-sac's rough