Next Power-X Mountain Bike - Burgundy/Silver

Where's the...everything?

First, you ride the hell out of it. Then, you strip it of its wheels. Next, you pull off the brakes. And the seat and seatpost too. But that's not enough. Apparently it was too much for you to leave this burgundy and silver Next Power-X mountain bike even a shred of dignity.

So you got out the hammer.

I don't have to mention what happened next, because the pictures tell the story. To be honest, I've never been fond of Next bikes. They're cheap, heavy and ugly, and I don't think anyone's going to be nostalgic for them in 20 years. But I still don't know why anyone would bash the hell out of a bike like this.

If it were a different bike, the hammer damage ("hammage"?) might add to the patina. Imagine a beat-up Fuji single-speed with a bunch of big dents in the frame? That would be cool, if not structurally sound. But the Next has no cool factor, so the dents and the missing parts turn it from a bike into a dollar fifty worth of scrap metal.

Scroll down for more photos of the carnage.

"Cockpit" is a funny word

If your neighbor's kid's bike looks like this, move

I love the color scheme

More severe hammage

Full mild-steel rearend

Why aim for the Next logo?

They couldn't kill the shock mount

Derailleur and hanger, hanging

Aren't 99% of braking systems "linear pull"?

This is the photo you use to sell it on Craigslist

But why did they only hammer one side?

Beefy-looking Shimano grip shifters