Minson Skate Bike - Blue

minson skate bike - blue - right side
You could store this next to your toilet

What happens when you put a vintage BMX pit bike, a unicycle, and a skateboard into your blender?

First, you ask yourself "why do I have such a big blender?" Next, your blender breaks.

That's what happens if you do those things literally, anyway. If you do them metaphorically, you end up with the Minson Skate Bike.

The Minson Skate Bike is a curved tube with a padded vinyl seat on the top, a skateboard truck with Minson 65 urethane wheels on the bottom, and a 16-inch BMX rearend on the back, complete with cranks, pedals, chain and freewheel. It's a ridiculous-looking contraption, but it has 1980s BMX style, and nobody on earth doesn't want to try to ride it.

Give it a shot. It's not embarrassing or difficult. It's fun, and it'll take you about 30 seconds to get used to it. As long as the kingpin bushing in the truck isn't too loose, you won't fall over. And if you do, it doesn't matter, because your feet are already almost on the ground anyway.

There's also a blue BMX caliper brake, a generic version of a Dia-Compe 1080, with a lever mounted under the seat, so if you somehow get the Skate Bike up to a dangerous speed, you can stop.

So if you want to have a quasi-unicycle experience without the learning curve, and you'd rather be a hip old-school BMXer or skater than a dorky unicycle guy, get yourself a Minson Skate Bike.

Scroll down for more photos, against the compelling backdrop of my driveway. With leaves.

minson skate bike - blue - left side
16-inch blue knobby BMX tires are cool
minson skate bike - blue - graphic panel and brakes
Those graphics = every roller rink, circa 1981
minson skate bike - blue - seat
Blue vinyl, black piping, white logo
minson skate bike - blue - skateboard truck and wheels
Soft wheels for a comfortable ride
minson skate bike - blue - cranks and pedals
Block pedals, cottered cranks, chrome chainguard disc
minson skate bike - blue - made in taiwan seat tube decal
Made in Taiwan
minson skate bike - blue - bottom bracket
Bottom bracket and connecting sleeve
minson skate bike - blue - truck plate
Truck plate