Cannondale Criterium Series Road Bike - Light Blue

Kinda like a smurf, but not really

When I got this Cannondale Criterium Series road bike, it was covered in dirt. After a little cleaning, it looked pretty amazing. The big down tube and basic double-diamond form make it look stout and aggressive, and the yellow bar tape sets off the graphic splashes on the frame.

Made in USA and equipped with a Shimano 105 "gruppo", this appears to be a middle-of-the-line Cannondale. It was lightweight and fast.

This bike came from a women's retreat in the country where it had spent years collecting dust, and went home with a twenty-something hipster to the city where it's probably still serving well today.

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What's up with that wall?

Yellow bar tape, shimano 105 brakes and levers

Beefy aluminum frame tubing, Shimano 105 shifters, worn-out old pump

Made in USA

Nitto stem

Shimano 105 rear brake, and a taste of the yellow splash graphics

Tight aluminum dropouts and cable boss, Shimano 105 rear derailleur

Cannondale's patented design (for what?) and who is JC?

Wolber T430 Alpine hard-anodized rims

Downhill bike, level wall, non-drive-side shot = wacky

Hand crafted heat treated aluminum stays