Huffy Omni-10 Road Bike - Blue

A few inches more and the seat will reach the handlebars

I got home last night and found this Huffy Omni-10 road bike in my driveway. I don't know who left it there. I think they gave up on it after the tire went flat. I kind of wish I could give it back.

I shouldn't call this a road bike, because it's the quintessential 1980s department-store ten-speed. Nobody called them road bikes back then. So I'll correct myself and refer to it as the Huffy Omni-10 ten-speed bike. That's a bit awkward with the double tens, but it's more appropriate.

This bike has a basic steel frame with stamped stay-to-dropout junctions, 26-inch steel wheels, a quilted blue vinyl seat, blue gumwall tires, and steel handlebars with ventilated blue grips. It's really just a heavy clunker. But it looks fantastic and brings back an era when cheap full-suspension mountain bikes hadn't yet taken over the department stores.

The rear derailleur cable needs to be yanked back into place and the seat could use a few inches of rearward adjustment. The tire has a bizarre wear spot. Other than that condition is pretty amazing.

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A symphony in blue

Classic quilted seat and ventilated grips

Huffy badge, stamped-steel front brake, blue gumwall tire

1980s sci-fi graphics

Short gooseneck and those great Smurf-blue grips

Maybe this is why they threw this bike away

Cool seat tube junction and clamp, made in Ohio

One-piece cranks that actually look good

We need to work on the cable routing