Panasonic Sport-DX Road Bike - Blue

panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
I don't know where this wall is

Tall road bikes like the Panasonic Sport-DX appeal to two different "demographics": tall lanky urban hipsters, and big overweight middle-aged suburban guys. I don't know which is worse.

The overgrown fat suburbanite doesn't care about lugs, tubesets, or aesthetics. He wants a big lightweight bike he can ride on the rail trail, but he can't afford a modern aluminum hybrid, so he'll buy the Panasonic Sport-DX, and then the nightmare begins.

Replacement parts for your Panasonic Sport-DX are okay, fat-guy comfort parts are not. Got it? Good.
Always check compatibility before ordering parts for your bicycle.
All bike repairs should be performed by a qualified bicycle mechanic.
panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
I'm trying to figure it out

First he'll jettison the uncomfortable Panasonic vinyl seat and install the biggest, stupidest sprung padded comfort saddle that Walmart sells. Then he'll find some sort of extended quill stem, a set of upright handlebars with brushguards on the ends, and a pair of big goofy ergonomic grips, because he has "back problems" and he needs to ride upright. He doesn't want to get rearended at 12mph, so he adds rearview mirrors, and he gets thirsty when he rides for 20 minutes, so the frame's clean lines take a backseat to dual water bottle cages. All he needs now are flashing front and rear lights for riding after dusk and a cycling computer to keep track of how many calories he's burning, and he has his perfect weight-loss chariot.


panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
How could I forget where an entire wall is?

The tall lanky hipster isn't much better. He'll show up with his ironic moustache, overpriced pre-scuffed vintage leather shoes, patronizing attitude and oddly short girlfriend. He knows everything there is to know about vintage road bikes, and he'll go through the Panasonic from top to bottom, rattling off facts and specifications and listing all of the things he'll "need to change". In fact, all he really wants is the frame and fork, because he has a great idea for a fixie build. Fifteen minutes later, he'll finally decide that the bike just isn't right for him, and tell me "I think I'm going to pass, but good luck man!" Or even worse, he'll buy the bike, have the frame powdercoated, install deep-V wheels, narrow bars and a jacked-up seatpost, and email some photos to the fixed gear gallery.

Ugh again.

panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
It's somewhere in the city

Panasonic Sport-DX specifications (as found): frame Panasonic Sport-DX, lugged steel, Japan fork Panasonic, lugged steel seat Panasonic, vinyl stem alloy quill handlebars alloy brake levers Chang-Star, alloy shifters Shimano SIS stem shifters brakes Dia-Compe sidepull calipers derailleurs Shimano SIS cranks Sakae SA pedals rat-trap wheels 27" alloy, quick-release tires Panasonic gumwall.

panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
Obviously I was there
panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
Because I shot these photos
panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
But if I had to find this wall today
panasonic sport-dx road bike - blue
I probably couldn't.