Peugeot UO8 Road Bike - Brown

Brown over slate grey

I wouldn't call any Peugeot UO8 road bike unique, since Peugeot made so many of them. But what makes this one mildly different from the rest is its small frame and brown paint. Because usually these bikes are 58cm and white!

This UO8 has a lugged "cadre allege" (according to Google: "lighter framework") steel frame with classic Peugeot graphics and a three-dimensional headtube badge. Weinmann brakes, Simplex shifters and derailleurs, Normandy hubs, Ridiga Chrolux rims, Lyotard pedals and stylish foam grips round out the parts package. A former owner added a Pletscher rack and swapped the original saddle for a wide padded Fuji seat, which looks conspicuously out of place.

Of course, there are the usual old-bike issues. A stuck stem wedge bolt, worn-out tires with a punctured rear tube, dirt, surface rust and dried-out grease in the bearings. But after an overhaul, this bike will be ready to tackle any diminutive hipster's daily Brooklyn Bridge commute.

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Who needs a whole front wheel?

Foam is comfortable but ugly

Speaking of ugly: Simplex stem shifters

Top tube graphics and cable guides

Out-of-place Fuji wide padded seat

Handlebar and brake lever side view

Head tube lugs

Head tube badge and Weinmann 610 center-pull brakes

Seat post clamp, cable guides, under the Fuji seat

Fork blade graphics and rim sidewalls

Checkerboard-and-lion Peugeot seat tube graphics

Peugeot down tube logo

Cadre Allege = "lighter framework"

Chrome fork tips make it a UO8

Pletscher rear luggage rack

Lyotard pedals

Simplex front derailleur

Simplex rear derailleur

Peugeot 3-bolt spider and sprockets

Simplex rear derailleur and chrome pie plate

Rigida Chrolux rims

I think this means 1978, which is about right