1976 Schwinn Varsity Women's Road Bike - Brown

Check out those reflectors

This 1976 Schwinn Varsity women's road bike looks like pretty much every other 1970s Schwinn Varsity women's road bike: not really all that pleasing to the eye. Sure, the brown paint and matching brown vinyl handlebar tape are classic, but the heavy, clunky form of the Schwinn Varsity didn't translate well to a women's model.

The Varsity is an almost-all-steel beast, which may be why it was so successful. It was cheap and easy to produce, and it was bulletproof. Even this brown example, as crusty as it looks, could be resurrected in a couple hours. Clean up the rust, which is easy because old Schwinns have quality chrome plating. Replace the tires, tubes, cables and brake pads. Lubricate and adjust everything. And this bike will last another 40 years.

Would I do all that? Probably not. But someone else probably already has.

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I think the left pedal is trespassing

Schwinn approved alloy side-pull caliper brakes

Schwinn stem with classic Schwinn shifters and headset plate

That brown bar tape is classic

Worn Varsity logo, chrome fork crown cap, subtle fork blade graphics

Win with Schwinn

If you remove the rusty trim ring entirely, this will look 100% better

Schwinn Approved Comfort Form seat

Steel Schwinn seatpost clamp and leftover Citadel lock bracket

This chain may be salvageable with some oil

Alloy hubs

Rusty steel rims

Schwinn Approved clamp-on steel front derailleur

DeKalb County, Georgia police bicycle license